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Beverley 24 takes pride in ensuring that your goods are safe and secure whilst they are stored with us.
We have a fenced and gated carpark and 24-hour CCTV cameras, as well as a fob entry and exit system that logs everyone as they come in and out of the facility.

We always require payment of a minimum of 4 weeks up front, however you only need to stay a minimum of 7 days. We only require 7 days’ notice at any time to vacate. Rest assured any days that you have paid for but not used will be refunded back to you. The maximum length of time is only determined by the length of time you want to store. The contract is on a rolling 4 weekly basis, so until you give your notice and move out, the unit will always be yours.

The price you pay is determined by the size of the unit you need. The rental charge is calculated according to the amount of floor space of the storage unit, the smaller the floor area the less you end up paying.
In calculating the space, please consider the following:
– What you need to store.
– How stackable it is.


There are a few extras to pay for, but they’re not hidden, we are happy to discuss these with you at any time.
• Insurance: All goods need to be insured to their new for old replacement value whilst they are in storage with us. Depending on your unit size and the goods being stored will depend on how much you pay. Please feel free to contact us to get a personalised quote based on your needs.
• Fob deposit: This is just a £30 and gives you 24-hour access. This will be refunded back to you once you have vacated and returned the fob to us.


We offer pre-payment discounts. For 6 months upfront we will give you a 5% discount of your rental rates, or a 10% discount for 12 months upfront.

All our invoices are calculated on a 4-weekly basis. We are unable to offer monthly payment terms.

At the point of move in you will need to pay by debit or credit Card. We accept all major cards accept Diners and American Express.
All future invoices can be paid by our preferred method of direct debit.
We do not accept cheques or cash.

As the payment is taken every 4 weeks rather than per calendar month, the payment will always come out on a different date each month. We will invoice 7 days in advance so you are aware of when this will be taken from your account.

As long as we have the space available, we can do a move in on the same day.

Yes, this can be done at any time as long as we have the space available, with no charge for the transfer.

If this is a larger unit you will need to pay any remaining difference.

If the unit is smaller, we can refund any difference back to you.

As often as you would like, at Beverley 24 we offer you flexibility to access your unit 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Access is free of charge with no appointment needed, you can just enter and exit the facility at your own convenience using your fob.

You may use a removals service, van hire, or bring it down in the car yourself. Whatever method is convenient for you.

We also offer Free van hire.

Yes, all units can be driven straight up too, meaning you can load from your vehicle straight into your unit.

Yes, as we offer a range of different unit sizes, we have the space to suit your storage needs.
There are no long-term leases, no business rates to pay and no contract rates charged.
If you need business storage, please speak to one of our team to discuss your needs.
The only business we cannot help is with storage of food products and businesses involving manufacturing on site.

That’s no problem, please contact the store by phone on 01482 242499 or email us at info@beverley24.co.uk and we can move your reservation date forward or back. Should you no longer need the unit please let us know and we will arrange to cancel your booking. There is no charge for either moving or cancelling your reservation.

Yes, all units need to have their stored contents insured to their full new for old replacement value. Please feel free to contact us to get a personalised quote based on your needs.

The Insurance is there to ensure that should anything unexpected happen, then you will be fully compensated. You will be covered for Fire, theft, flood, vermin etc.

If you would like a copy of our policy, please just contact at info@beverley24.co.uk

Yes, however we require a copy of the certificate provided by your insurer, it must state the full address of our site where the goods are being store and the full new for old replacement value of the goods that are being stored.

The minimum is the full replacement value of your goods on a new for old replacement value.

You need to bring with you:

  • A valid photo ID such as a passport or driving licence.
  • The name, email address and phone number of a person we can use as your emergency contact.
  • Your bank details to set up the direct debit.
  • Your first payment will need to be paid by card.

Unfortunately, without the correct documents we wouldn’t be able to complete a storage contract for you and you wouldn’t be able to move you in.

Yes, you can add as many or as few people as you chose to have access to your unit. Access would be restricted to yourself and this list of authorised persons. You can add or remove contacts at any time by letting us know in writing.

To enter the premises, you will need to present your fob to the faceplate with the red light, located on the right of the gate. Once your fob has been accepted the light will turn green and the gate will open. Please proceed to drive onto the site and to your unit. The gate will automatically close behind you.

To exit the premises, you will need to present your fob to the faceplate with the red light, located to the right on the end of the row of units. Once your fob has been accepted the light will turn green and the gate will open. Please proceed to exit the site. The gate will automatically close behind you.

We have a 24-hour manned emergency phone line; the number is located on signs that are attached to both sides of the gate.

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I wanted a storage for some of my home belongings whilst my extension was getting built, Sofas, etc. As soon as I saw the condition of the unit it put my mind at rest and I knew my goods were in safe hands, highly recommend.